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Solar PV

Solar grid-tied PV or Photovoltaics is one of the faster-evolving renewable energies.  With a wide field of choice, EcoGen  Energy draws from leading suppliers to find the optimal solution for each application.  Optimal PV solutions are brought together to suit your personal requirements.  When a more standard project is specified, we offer packaged systems that can be delivered cost effectively and efficiently.

For Ontario Power Authority’s Feed in Tariff Program (MicroFIT Program) – EcoGen Energy can provide advice and assist as necessary establishing your as a generator.

The extreme dependability, longevity and low-maintenance of PV make it the source of choice for both on and off-grid applications.  Because PV’s peak production closely matches peak grid demand, it will become increasingly valued as a source of energy when time-of-day metering is instituted across Ontario.

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