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Every day, we make choices. Some of those choices have an impact on our families, our communities and/or the environment.  Our goal is to teach, promote and support sustainable living practises throughout our commununity. 

At EcoGen Energy, we have dedicated ourselves to earning the trust and respect of our customers, partners and neighbours.  As good neighbours, we get involved with supporting local efforts to bring people together and create positive environmental change whenever we can.   As our commitment, we make ourselves available, to local groups, by making presentations on Sustainable Living practises and Carbon Footprint Reduction.

Since EcoGen Energy’s inception, Chris has been committed to educating people on the significance of Renewable Energy through such local organiztions as Sustainable Ottawa, Transition Brockville,  Rideau Action Environmental League, Tucker House .  Chris is also a founder and active member of Sustainable North Grenville.  For years, Anne has been Chair of Merrickville Wolford’s Environmental Advisory Committtee.

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