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EcoGen Energy & Build’s Projects

June 2015 to Present – The Carleton Research and Innovation in Sustainable Energy (C-RISE) house.  This project will make use of solar thermal energy, seasonal thermal storage, and provide a test bed for various innovative concepts with the aim of reducing the overall energy demands.

November 2014 to Present- building Chris and Clare’s Passive Home at 732 Heritage Drive. Visit our blog for all the details!

November 2013 – Two MicroFit installations for the Township of Front of Yonge one on the Firehall and one on the garage.

November 2012 – A MicroFit groundmount installtion at the Landfill site and a roofmount at the Merrickville CommunityCenter in Merrickville-Wolford, Ontario

MicroFit PV installation at Community Living North Grenville, Kemptville, Ontario

May 2012 – A MicroFit installation at Community Living North Grenville

MicroFit PV groundmount installation in Almonte, Ontario

April 16, 2012 – Another successful 10kW ground-mount MicroFIT installation in Almonte.

January 2012 – We are in the final stages of completing three local (within 30 minutes of Kemptville) MicroFIT installations. We are also in the midst of completing a SDHW installation with the Ottawa Housing Corporation.

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